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"*chortles*" -9/15/04@3:43pm

Your Election Campaign by dshaw
Political leaning
Your running-mateboromir0614
The current presidentvincecat
The current vice-presidentrich_teaboy
Your election slogan"Lets hide!"
People who love you the mosteveryone
A flipfloppable subjectgay marriage
The name of your presidential dogOsama
Your total funding$4,172,189
Your chance of success: 54%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

There are two things I'm mad about on this one, the first time I filled it out it gave me a dog named Blowjobby. I wanted that to be my dog, but I fucked up and closed it and when I went back I got Osama. Poo.

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"Breathless" -9/15/04@2:24am

I feel like every day I wake up with this mental list of tasks I need to get done and somehow as the day progresses not much of it ends up happening.

On the bright side it was a wonderfully lazy day. I slept late. I didn't even get dressed until Daryl called me when he got OFF work at 1.

The summer is fading so fast. Gone are the hot beach days I love so much. I don't want to go back to having to wear actual shoes, with socks. Damnit.

I need to move to Key West.

Why is it that I'm completely incapable of winning a game of Monopoly at Ballentine? No matter what Daryl and Joe beat me into submission. I started out AHEAD and they bled me dry.



It's funny, in trying to write about my day I realized I did precisely jack shit all day.

Damn, I'm lazy.


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"Bad Joke Monday" -9/14/04@2:40am

I've had a mind numbing weekend. I got stood up for a date.

Will, the guy that works at the 7-11 down the street from Ballentine, called me Saturday night and asked me to go to a movie with him sunday. Was supposed to call me to set up a time but never did.

He sucks major Donkey Balls.

Daryl is moving in two days. He's moving out of Ballentine and in with his sister's family out in Va. Beach. The idea turns my stomach slightly, but I know that is just the fear of change that I always have.

I don't know why I fear change so much, especially considering how much change has occured in my life over the past year or so. People that I used to see on a dailly basis now never cross my mind much. I see them once or twice a month. And I've been okay with that.

Maybe it's the idea of Daryl becoming someone I hardly see or think about that bothers me. I'd like to think that we've come far enough in our friendship that him moving twenty minutes away wouldn't be the demise of what we've built. But he keeps saying odd things about how he'll hardly see anyone now.

I've had a lot going through my mind this weekend. Most of which few people will even hear about, if anyone hears about it that is.

Work is going well. Had some frustrations but it's otherwise going smoothely.

Come to think of it, aside from being stood up everything is peachy.

That's so rare. I'm just going to go with it.

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"*yawn*" -9/11/04@12:43pm

I slept like the dead last night.

I'm feeling very lethargic today. Like I don't want to move for anything. I don't want to call anyone and see what they're doing, I just want to sit on my ass.

Then I realize that I have to go to work at five so I might as well get off my ass and do something so that I haven't wasted my whole day.

I vote nap.

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"High Times" -9/11/04@4:29am

I had an awesome day. I slept in and when I got up I actually did the laundry that I told myself the night before I would do. I picked up Daryl at work at around 4:30.

He was having a cranky day, but he seemed to rebound once he got out of work. He was even nice enough to drive me to work and take my car with him so that I wouldn't have to pay the exorbitent parking fee I normally end up paying.

I also bought a bag for the first time in a really long time, so of course Joe and Daryl had to give me a hard time about it. And Joe had to make a big deal out of asking me for a bong hit for the first time in a very very long time.

I told them to hush or I'd stop sharing.

We tried to watch Kung Pow tonight. We didn't make it to the end again, but we made it farther than we normally make. I simply do not think I was meant to see that movie all the way through. It melts my brain and I start to lose interest every time. Pot doesn't help, therefore nothing will.

I've been fiddling on the computer for about an hour now making a CD to play at work. It's actually a lot more difficult than I thought. They say you can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to, and I keep thinking about what the CD will say about me.

I still have residual high left. And I'm very sleepy.


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"Day One" -9/10/04@4:15am

Today was my first day at Hot Topic while the store is actually open. It started out horribly when I discovered my car had been broken into in the night.

It was actually the one night that I actually locked my doors, too. But when I got to the car the back door was sitting open and my car had been rummaged through completely. They took my CDs, my CD player, Brittany's shoes, several Wal-Mart bags full of merchandise that Winona had left in there, and, I think, my bowl.

But I didn't let it dampen my spirits, I wasn't going to let anything ruin my first real day.

The store looks great. It was so weird to walk up and see the walls down and to finally take in the full entrance to the store. Even weirder was watching the customers. Some older women would come in and seem almost scared. They would eye my purple streaks in contempt and hover near the entrance to the store as if preparing to flee if I came too close.

Addie Bangle came in today. It was weird that I recognized her right away. Her younger brother, Ross, was the first boy I ever had a crush on, all the way back in elementary school. Aparently he's in California now.

Work went fine. I was assigned to the register, which I actually enjoy. Made a lot of big sales, and I'm getting the hang of the computer system.

Daryl and Kevin came up to work to see me at the tail end of my shift, which made me extremely happy. Then again, whenever Daryl is around I'm happy.

Spent my evening at Ballentine, as normal, playing LoTR Monopoly and Soul Calibur. Monopoly is the new big thing at Ballentine, we've played at least one game every night for the past week. Tonight I played two.

There really isn't much else to tell about my day. Tomorrow I work 5-10 which will put me in the busiest hours of a Friday night, this should be awesome.

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"Slytherin Rebooted" -9/9/04@3:57am

Welcome to the first entry of my newly empty livejournal. Life's changed a lot, so it's time to get you up to speed.

My Status: Still single. Still living with my parents. Just started working for Hot Topic.

Who's who and where's whereCollapse )

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