Lauren Snape (laurensnape) wrote,
Lauren Snape

Down with Spyware

I had the worst Browser HighJacker invade my computer this week. For those of you who don't know, a HighJacker is a type of Spyware/Adware that takes over your browser to a certain extent. This particular one changed my homepage, added popups to pages that shouldn't have popups, fucked up AIM so that I couldn't open up an IM window, killed my pop up blocker, and overall slowed down everything.

I've learned more about Spyware in the past two days than I would have ever liked to know. I have no less than ten different Spyware Scanning programs on my computer, none of which could destroy this particular little bug disguised as a program called "Search Extender". Fortunately, after two days of fighting with it I was able to shake it free using HighJack!This, a handy program that digs down deep for spyware that other things miss.

I'm so glad to have control over my own PC again. And now with all the firewall protection I have, nothing gets into it unless I say it can.

Perhaps I'm a horrible person, but I'm going hermit tonight. I've got a lot of stuff on my mind and I need to sort it out by myself.
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