Lauren Snape (laurensnape) wrote,
Lauren Snape

I've finally got my own computer fixed and set up. It's a great feeling of freedom. I will never again have to use Winona's computer for anything I can do it all on mine.

Life has been fairly dull lately. I've been spending more time hanging out with Christy. She sort of fills the void that Brittany left me with when she moved to California.

The roomies are getting along okay. Joe had a couple days where he was snapping at everyone, me included, but he seems to have gotten over it. Which is a good thing, because it was starting to wear on my last nerves.

We decorated the house for X-Mas. Complete with a faux tree in the living room and lights strung on our porch.

I apologize for the fragmented nature of this entry, i just woke up.


I think I'm going to go read now, I can probably finish my book before I have to leave for work at three.
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