Lauren Snape (laurensnape) wrote,
Lauren Snape

The Annoyances of Co-Habitation

*makes tortured grunting noise*

I'm so fucking sick of boys thinking they can be as big of an asshole as they want and that I should just let it slide off my back. Fuck that.

First of all, my room mate Joe has two cars. The first one is the one he was driving when I met him, and it's been broken down since he attempted to drive it through a waist high pubble back in like September. This hunk of junk has been taking up the front half of our driveway since we moved in here. Which, really, no one paid much mind to. Well NOW he has ANOTHER hunk of junk that he never drives taking up the SECOND half of driveway so that no one can park in the drive way at all.

I let this go for nearly a week, but today I brought it up and all he said was "I don't care, I'm not the one that has to walk the extra half a block." I told him that was very rude and he said he didn't care about that either.


And Daryl, oh don't get me started on HIM. He's got this raging hormonal crush on Christy and therefore has to have her sitting next to him. So when I got up out of my seat he instructed her to take it. Close to two hours later she gets up and when I try to take it back he has to be a big dick about it. And said if I took it he was just going to make me leave.

So I just left on my own. And he shows no interest in apologizing or anything.

The sad part is that I really want to knock on the wall and go smoke a cigarette with him or something.


Fucking people.
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