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Bored soul, Hyper Body

I think that I'm just overly addicted to being in an altered state of mind. I enjoy it. I like for things to feel different.

I am sitting in Relative Theory records right now, staring at a picture of an overly young Johnny Depp smoking a cigarette in bed. It's hanging on the wall right behind the console I'm at.

I don't really have all that much to say at the moment. Daryl moved out of Ballentine and is now living out at the beach. My car is broken down again which I think means it is about time for me to face the facts taht I need a NEW car. Plans are slowly coming together for my move in November. Though I'm still not 100% sure on any of it.

I'm tired. Lately. It's like I sleep plenty and I still wake up feeling exhaused. I fall asleep if there isn' enough going on in the room. Because I'm always tired.

Sometimes, I have no need or want to interact with people. Not triggered by anything just sometimes I'm latently anti-social.

I sincerely apologize for the fragmented nature of this entry. My mind is all over the place at once right now.

I saw Will, the 7-11 boy last night. I think it is safe to confirm that he does indeed have an attraction to me. But suddenly I'm not sure about how keen I am on that idea. We'll have to see.

I talked to The Big Bad Ex last night. I don't know why. He really didn't sound too extremely pleased to talk to me. So I don't plan on reliving that situation again. So I purposefully lost his number again.

Fudge is good.

Sometimes I like to watch people when they are on their own. Those times when no one is really close to them so they think it's safe to just let loose. Some people go all out, others just make a subtle shift.

It's fun to see what they do when they have no strings attached.

I'm worried about packing up all my stuff. I can't really actually move.

I think I lost my brain.

That is all.

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